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Righteous anger from some righteous babes*

September 1, 2009

*Please take this descriptor as what it is: a reference to Ani DiFranco and not a sexist objectification of women.

Some must-read blog posts for your viewing pleasure (and anger-incitement) this week:


Kids, boobs, and breastpumps are not the enemy.

From The Feminist Breeder, a look at the negative comments that women make about other women’s choices to have children, breastfeed their babies, and use a breastpump in the workplace–and oftentimes, these comments are made all in the name of “feminism.” 

For what it’s worth, I’ve often wondered if these comments are the the warped by-products of justified anger over the heteronormative aspects of our culture and society and its obvious privileging of those who choose heterosexual marriage and reproduction.  But it makes no sense to attack individual women who make the choice to enter heterosexual relationships and/or to have children when the problem with heteronormativity is social and cultural–not necessarily individual. 

In other words, it’s perfectly fine and reasonable to be angry–and downright pissed–about the fact that our society shows contempt toward gay and lesbian families, pity toward single people, and mistrust toward couples who choose not to have children.  But it’s not okay to be angry about the fact that the hard-working mother in the cubicle next to you wants to take a few breaks during the day to pump some breastmilk for her baby. 



ACOG, what has homebirth done to you?

In two separate posts, The Unnecesarean and Louise Marie Roth have offered compelling and incisive critiques of ACOG’s recent (and recently password-protected) survey that called for its members to share their homebirth horror stories.  ACOG’s decision to request this information from its members is especially worrisome since they will most likely use their unscientific and poorly-collected data to lobby against legislation or health care reforms or health insurance reforms or even discussions in the media that support and/or protect midwives and homebirth.

My first question: where is the survey asking labor and delivery nurses and doulas and midwives and MOMS to share their hospital birth horror stories?!

And my second question: where is the survey asking ACOG’s members to report the ways in which the 31.8% cesarean-section rate in the United States has contributed to  thirty-fold increased the risk of placenta accreta–a life-threatening birth complication?!

(To be fair, it seems like ACOG is concerned about some of its members who have been included in lawsuits related to homebirth transfer patients.  But if they want to probe this concern in a way that represents the data factually and accurately, they need to stray away from anecdotal horror stories and turn toward facts and research.)

Update: A very funny and witty attorney has composed a tongue-in-cheek survey asking doulas to report their experiences with hospital-birth complications.  Check it out here on the Enjoy Birth Blog!

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  1. September 2, 2009 11:15 am

    Awe, thanks for the linky-love – and for calling me a “Babe.” I’m not offended, I lerve it!

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