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Monday house update: My vision begins

August 31, 2009

If you’ve seen my first “Monday house update,” you may have noticed that my newly-purchased home needs some sprucing up.

Well, it needs a bit more than some sprucing up.

I suppose that I could be satisfied with the black streaks (or “ghosting“) on the walls.  And with the irreparably stained carpet.  And with the pink cabinets.  And pink countertops.  And pink bathroom fixtures.  (Okay, for financial reasons, I’ll have to be satisfied with some of that pink for a long, long time.  I’ll just have to let it remind me of salmon.  Or cotton candy.  Or Pepto Bismol.)

But something–oh, I don’t know, a desire not to be reminded of the previous owners’ filth and general uncleanliness–tells me that I wouldn’t be happy with blood-stained carpet (yep, totally serious) and grimy walls for long.  I mean, would you want to live in a house that reminded you of The Amityville Horror?

And this is why I have a vision.  A vision for my family’s home.  One that involves both short-term (i.e. relatively inexpensive and/or necessary) and long-term (i.e. more expensive and/or cosmetic) goals. 

Allow me to walk you through some of the components of this vision.

(Let me say first that I am very proud of this vision.  I’m not what you would consider a person with a great sense of style or visual artistry, so for me to cobble together paint colors and trim colors and cabinet colors and kitchen hardware and not make it look like my middle school art projects that Mrs. Browne all but said looked like giant mounds of dog poo is quite a feat.  So if you hate my vision, you can just kiss it.  You and Mrs. Browne both.)


The kitchen

For the kitchen walls, we’ve chosen Koi Pond.  (All of the paint–and yes, the primer–is from Sherwin Williams, who, like all other paint manufacturers, must employ a whole army of folks who just sit and come up with whimsically ridiculous paint color names all day long.)

koi pond

For those pink cabinets–which are not only wood but also paint-able–we’ve chosen to re-cloak them in Dover White.

dover white

And (here’s where I start getting excited and shouting, “DO YOU SEE THAT, MRS. BROWNE?!”) we’d like to replace the kitchen hardware with some sort of pewter (or “pewter-ish”) cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

draw pulls

Okay, maybe not those knobs.  They’re about $15 a pop.

And then some day–some day far, far in the distance–we’ll replace the countertops (yeah, yeah, I’ll admit it, I salivate over granite countertops) and the floors (goodbye beige linoleum, hello hardwood).

But new wall colors and cabinet colors and hardware will make enough of a world of difference as it is!

The family room

The walls will be painted in August Moon.

august moon

The family room sits right next to the kitchen, and I do believe that August Moon and Koi Pond shall be the best of friends.

I’ve also considered replacing the pink tiles surrounding the fireplace (oh yeah, those are pink too) with some sort of glassy amber tiles.  Some day.  Some day…

The dining room

The dining room, along with the foyer and all of the hallways in the house, shall be painted our offical “house neutral” color: Navajo White.

navajo white

And since the dining room is flanked by the family room and the playroom (or what others will consider to be the formal living room, and what may some day be an office), the Navajo White will be flanked by August Moon and our chosen color for the…


…that is, Latte.


(I’ve noticed that the colors as they appear on my computer screen are not exact replicas of the “real life” colors.  To get a better idea of how these colors look in more natural lighting–of which we have plenty, hooray!–you can check out the Color Visualizer on Sherwin Williams’ website.)

And finally, some day–some day far, far in the future–I’d like to replace all of the trim (the baseboards, the door trim, and maybe even some crown molding) with cherry-stained wood.

cherry stain

I know, Mrs. Browne, isn’t that AWESOME?!

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  1. renbeth permalink
    August 31, 2009 9:04 pm

    Love the cabinet hardware, love the cherry trim, love the amber tiles. Love the latte in the playroom. Can’t wait to see it all in person some day!

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