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A VBAC anniversary letter

May 26, 2009

This would have been all the more (cheesily) poignant if I had written this post yesterday, on the exact anniversary of A’s birth and of my VBAC waterbirth.  Nonetheless, I am assured that celebrating my son’s first birthday is more important than blogging about it.  Please read My very own VBAC waterbirth to see the full story of his birth.

Dear A,

It was one year ago yesterday that your birth changed my life.

It began with an amniotic trickle that confirmed for me that my body was wise and strong and knew how to work to bring life into the world.

It progressed through that cool spring night, with you and I rocking together and riding the waves from midnight on.

It saw me through fear, disappointment, doubt, resolve, excitement, and courage.

It gave me the chance not only to prove to myself and to others the miraculous strength of my body but also to achieve my dream birth as I labored deep in the warm water of the tub.

And it brought me you, all slippery and warm in my arms–in nobody else’s arms but my own.

A day worth celebrating indeed.



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