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Au revoir, Syracuse (Part 3): farewell to friends

April 25, 2009

Saying goodbye to one’s friends has to be the most heratbreaking task involved in a move.  (Well, that and the seemingly endless struggle with U-Haul.)  Tim and I have been blessed–truly blessed–to have befriended so many wonderful people here in Syracuse.  We have attended law school and graduate school, welcomed two babies, and pursued new careers all during our five years here, and none of these experiences would have been half as rewarding if we hadn’t shared them with our friends.

Here’s hoping that our goodbyes are more like “see-you-soons” and that the distance between us will be ameliorated by frequent checks of each other’s blogs and Facebook accounts and (let’s hope) the occasional visit.  You’re all welcome in our new home any time.


Farewell to C, my doula, my mentor, and my friend, whose guidance and compassion helped me to create an empowered pregnancy, an inspiring birth, and an exciting and humbling life as a doula.

Farewell to M, who brought me a gift of chocolate and beer after my first son was born.  Those gifts (in addition to being delicious) made me feel like a whole person at a time when recovering from a c-section and learning to breastfeed a colicky infant made me feel as if my personhood was evaporating right before my very (tired) eyes.

Farewell to P, who helps me to regain my balance when the world of academic philosophy leaves me feeling so unbalanced.

Farewell to M who, for better or worse, makes me feel comfortable enough to say all of the outrageous things that I’m usually only thinking.  Or maybe that’s the wine we’re drinking…

Farewell to R, an inspired and inspiring feminist thinker and philosopher who is sure to become the star of NYC.

Farewell to M, my new friend and author of the best new birth blog in town!  It is inspiring to know real women who are making real differences in the world of pregnancy and childbirth.

And farewell to A, to R, and to the ever-adorable S.  Our friendship has seen us through the seemingly carefree pre-kid days of uninterrupted dinners and hours-long games of Carcassone to the joyfully chaotic days of diapers, pureed vegetables, and the inability to complete a conversation without attending to a few squawks and cries.  Our love and bond runs deep–we are more like family than friends, after all.

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  1. nursingbirth permalink
    April 25, 2009 12:23 pm

    Kristen, you are totally adorable and I will miss you! I am really bummed out that we have finally started to get to know eachother and you are leaving! We wish you and Tim the best of luck!!


  2. renbeth permalink
    April 25, 2009 8:23 pm

    We love you, too. We are definitely considering this a “see-you-soon” parting – if it were any other kind, we couldn’t stand it!

  3. Rachel McKinney permalink
    May 4, 2009 1:44 pm

    Awww, just saw this. ❤

    Hope the move went well and you and the boys are all starting to settle in OK.

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