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Positive birth stories

April 12, 2009

Doulas of CNY are currently compiling positive birth stories with the hopes of publishing them in a collection for all expectant parents to learn from–and to enjoy!  They are seeking all birth scenarios and choices: epidural births and unmedicated births, vaginal births and cesarean sections, VBACs and waterbirths, spontaneous labors and induced labors, singleton and multiple births–you name it.  So if you have a positive story that you wouldn’t mind sharing with “the world,” Doulas of CNY would love for you to contact them.  (This request was also posted by Gina Chen in her Syracuse Post Standard Family Life blog.)

In addition to wanting to help out my dear doula friends, I am posting this request on my blog because I think that positive birth stories can have a profound impact on their readers–and this is not just because of the fact that they describe a baby’s (or babies’) entrance into the world.  In fact, I think that being continually exposed to positive birth stories can help to provoke a shift in the way that our culture tends to view (and to fear) birth.  

This is not to obscure the reality of traumatic or otherwise negative births: those births deserve our attention too.  But too often on film, on television (especially on the ominously-voice-overred programs on the Discovery Health channel), and even among our circles of friends and family, childbirth is depicted as a frightening, needlessly painful, and disempowering experience.

But to see and to hear that it can be empowering–that it can be positive–that it can produce a treasured memory for a mother–can open up new possibilities for the ways in which women think about what they want for their own birth.  It’s almost as if knowing that you can have a positive birth can put you on the right path to actually having a positive birth.

(If you’re interested in reading my own positive birth story, please scroll down to my post entitled, “My very own VBAC waterbirth.”  Positive, empowering, and treasured indeed.)

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