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Birthing Beautiful Ideas

April 1, 2009

It is mere coincidence that I have published my very first blog on April Fool’s Day.  Yes, it is no joke I have decided to join the ranks of the other navel-gazers and create my very own blog.  For you (and, let’s be honest, for me) to enjoy.

The blog itself shall be devoted to my vast array of interests, ranging from childbirth and pregnancy to philosophy, from children and family to rock n roll, from politics to food.  I might write on my work as a birth doula.  I might ponder a political or philosophical issue that has been on my mind.  I might even post a photograph of one or both of my adorable children and contemplate their eternal cuteness.  And if you’re really lucky, I might post the story of the 2007 bat assault on our humble abode.  (For those of you who don’t know the story, it was a flying, squeaking, potentially rabid bat–not a baseball bat.)  In any case, if you are looking for a coherent, single-themed blog, you won’t find it here.  (Please read the previous sentence not with a scolding, shushing-librarian tone but with the tone of a frazzled mother trying to tell her child, “Sorry, but they don’t make miniature elephants that you can keep as pets!”)

By they way, I “borrowed” the title of this blog from Socrates, who compared his role as a philosopher to that of a midwife, helping others to “give birth” to ideas.  As a PhD candidate in philosophy who is a mother and who has recently become a birth doula, Socrates’ self-assessment seems more germane to me than ever.

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